SEED FOLKS comprises of its two co-founders; Kim & Alika.

We are passionate with growing food, guided by regenerative and natural farming principles.
This is practiced by the continued observation of natural processes and patterns in nature and how we can facilitate them in the gardens we design and manage. 

Key ideas and methods of our projects include: building soil, cultivating the soil food web through on-site composting and mulching, polyculture planting schemes, creating habitats for wildlife, effective water use and the tools and equipment to allow one to work efficiently in an urban food garden or farm.

Kim & Alika were both farm managers and designers previously at an urban farming company. Alika went on to work for an international primary school, building a biodiverse food garden from ground up and getting the students involved in weekly gardening sessions. We subsequently started SEED FOLKS in 2019.

Our primary activity is the design, build and management of regenerative
urban food gardens in Singapore. We also retail quality botanical
equipment and rare plants & seeds.